I’m bad at marketing myself. That’s why I let results speak for me. And people who have worked with me.

„Outstanding competence. Extremely reliable. Great systematics and accuracy. High degree of self-initiative.“ (Statements of my ex-employer Porsche about me.) For further references see LinkedIn.

You can find my CV and information about projects on LinkedIn. Would you like to know more about me? Then let’s talk in person. 

Currently I’m building my 3rd own company: Impact Labs. To fight the biggest crisis our humanity ever had: Climate change. But you can also still book me for a keynote, an interview or as a startup mentor. Are you a visionary? Perfect. I can help you to get the traction you need. 

Regardless of whether we just have a good conversation together or I work with you: You should know my values. I am a high performer and work best in an environment where appreciation and respect, performance, trust, openness and transparency are lived.