I’m bad at marketing myself. That’s why I let results speak for me. And people who have worked with me.

„Outstanding competence. Extremely reliable. Great systematics and accuracy. High degree of self-initiative.“ (Statements of my ex-employer Porsche about me.) For further references see LinkedIn.

You can find my CV and information about projects on LinkedIn. Currently, I am supporting the e-mobility start-up SOL Motors as COO. Would you like to know more about me? Then let’s talk in person. 

What you should book me for: Building startups, mentoring, crisis management, keynotes. What I’m particularly good at: Management. Are you a visionary? Perfect. I can help you to get the traction you need.

Regardless of whether we just have a good conversation together or I work with you. You should know my values. I am a high performer and work best in an environment where appreciation and respect, performance, trust, openness and transparency are lived.