Shadows in childhood. Stroke of fate as a student. Many failures as an adult. Rising again. That shaped me. And made me resilient. 

You can talk to me about many things. Sadness and joy. Failures and successes. I know how it feels if you wake up at night and don’t know how to manage the next day. Has that done me any harm? On the contrary. 

What makes us unique as human beings? It is our stories of failure. There is no life without flaws. No two stories are alike. That’s what makes us human beings so exciting. What makes me special, away from my job and career? 

Lake in the North. Variety of music. Instrument with 6 strings. Cars. New or old. Speed with three digits. Factual and technical stories. People with rough edges. Moving pictures with agent action. Flying high and digging deep. Design and art. On paper. Digital and analogue. 

VALUES. There are a few here that I can identify with. For example: Performance. Quality. Trust. Transparency. And something else is very important to me: treating each other with respect.