What makes us unique as human beings? It is our stories. No two stories are alike. That’s what makes every encounter so exciting.

I grew up in difficult circumstances, I am the first in the family to study. I work hard every day to achieve my goals. Many setbacks have made me strong. Your benefit: You can talk to me about many topics. Sadness and joy. Failures and successes. I know how it feels to struggle, to win – but more important: to learn.

Our history and background shape us. It shapes our character. It often determines our path in life, our career and also our interests. What makes me special – quite apart from my profession?

North Sea air. Variety of music. Instrument with 6 strings. Cars. Especially the old ones. Speed with three digits. Factual and technical stories. People with rough edges. Moving pictures with agent action. Flying high and digging deep. Design and art.